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Clan MacNeil in Canada



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Clan MacNeil in Canada supports connections and camaraderie for all those who are MacNeils by birth or marriage. This is done via involvement Scottish culture, Gaelic language, Highland Games etc... and is for all those septs including McNeil, MacNeill, O'Neil and many others.



2021 Highland Games Cancelled

3 April 2021

At this time due to COVID-19 restrictions, in person Highland games are deferred to 2022. Hope to see you all then!

Clan MacNeil in Canada has a new treasurer

April 3 2021

Big thank you to Debby for taking on this role. Our treasurer is a vital role that keeps our organization going

New website!

April 3 2021

As part of our modernization efforts, we have a new website in 2021! We are excited to offer this to our members.


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We are so happy you’re interested in getting involved with Clan MacNeil in Canada.


Membership fees are 25 dollars a year or 15 for seniors 65+


Board of Directors

The Faces of Our Organization


Vince MacNeil


Vincent “Vince” MacNeil, originally from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, is the son of Edward MacNeil s/o Hector Raymond “Raymond” s/o Hector Raymond s/o Hector s/o James s/o Malcolm s/o John s/o Rory “The Piper” MacNeil (legendary hereditary piper for the Laird of Barra) and the son of Patsy MacNeil d/o Hector Joseph MacNeil s/o Francis Hector (noted genealogist and local historian from Iona, Cape Breton) s/o Hector Rory s/o Rory Mor s/o Donald s/o Ruairi MacNeil.  Rory Mor and his father Donald (of Sandray, Parish of Barra) were two of the four MacNeils who founded Iona, Cape Breton about 1802. Vince is an educator in Halifax, Nova Scotia, a student of Gaelic and currently serves as Clan MacNeil’s genealogist and Newsletter editor.  He also administers / co-administers three MacNeil related Facebook groups: Clan MacNeil in Canada, Clan MacNeil of Barra and Barra's People - A Genealogical Interest Page. Vince studies the genealogy of Barra MacNeils no matter where they emigrated in the world and studies all MacNeil families who lived in Nova Scotia.  He is co-administrator of the MacNeil DNA project at Family Tree DNA.  In addition to the genealogy and genetics of the Clan MacNeil, Vince has studied the language and culture of Barra emigrants in Cape Breton through completion of a thesis entitled A study of Gaelic language and culture in Cape Breton's Barra Gaidhealtachd

Friends of Clan MacNeil

Links to sites useful to Clan MacNeil members


Clan MacNeil Alliance

A Global organization of Clan MacNeil


An organization of Scottish Sociteies in Canada

Clan MacNeil Geneaology Project

DNA project for MacNeils


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