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Feb 1/2014



Clan MacNeil in Canada

  Clan MacNeil

Clan MacNeil in Canada


The official website of Clan MacNeil in Canada


"Clan MacNeil  in Canada"

"Clan MacNeil in Canada" seeks to bring together all the MacNeils in Canada. It promotes social, cultural and other activities designed to preserve and strengthen the bonds of the Clan Heritage in this country. Our organization is associated with Clan MacNeil branches in the Atlantic Provinces of Canada as well as other branches throughout the world such as Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America.  We are also a member of the Clans and Scottish Societies of Canada.

Alene McNeill

President of Clan MacNeil in Canada.

Latest News from the President:

Editor's Message

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 Kissimul Castle on the Ilse of Barra,

Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Seat of Clan MacNeil


Membership is open to any person, or a spouse of any person, named or descended from a person named MacNeil in any of its forms or spellings, or with any Sept names of Clan MacNeil. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the organization shall recognize the forms , spellings and Sept names with the Mc or O' prefix as being equally acceptable.

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