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President’s Message:

October 17, 2019

I am honoured to be the President and Genealogist of Clan MacNeil in Canada!!! I have been a member of our Clan association’s executive for almost twenty years during which I was also the editor of the Clan MacNeil Newsletter, now named A’ Charraig Dhubh.

Clan MacNeil in Canada is run by a group of dedicated volunteers and we are lucky to have a great executive in place! Our executive for 2019-2020 includes:

President: Vincent MacNeil

Past President: Alene M. McNeill

1st Vice-President: Terry Myles

2nd Vice-President: Rod MacNeill

Secretary: Trish MacNeil

Treasurer: Allan McNeil

Chaplain: Fr. Paul MacNeil

Genealogist: Vincent MacNeil

Web Master: Suzanne McNeill

Delegate to CASSOC: Terry Myles

Clan Bard: Iain MacNeill

Members at Large: Kim McNeil, Robyn MacNeill, Sandra Holdsworth

We look forward to serving you!


Vince MacNeil


October 22, 2019

The October Clan MacNeil in Canada Newsletter will be sent out shortly.