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March 3, 2020

Dear Clan MacNeil in Canada Member / Former Member,

Those of you who are paid members of Clan MacNeil in Canada are invited to join our Clan MacNeil in Canada Paid Members Facebook group. Clan MacNeil in Canada is a deal at about $25 Canadian per year. I can’t keep up with the number of requests I am getting for genealogical information so I am giving CMIC members priority and restricting the volume of information I share with non-members.

You can join our new group using the following link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/216367246429980/ .  You will need your membership number in order to join.

Vince MacNeil


Clan MacNeil in Canada


February 25, 2020

Dear current or former Clan MacNeil in Canada Member,
To our new members, welcome to Clan MacNeil in Canada!  To our returning members, thank you for your continued patronage, we value you! To our past members, please consider renewing your Clan MacNeil in Canada membership, we would love to have you back!
We are trying to simplify the membership process by enabling you to join or to renew your memberships using our website.  Membership in Clan MacNeil in Canada is inexpensive!  An individual or family membership only costs $25, a Senior 65+ membership is $20 and an International Membership is $30 per year! 
In order to receive our March Newsletter, you will have to be paid up for the 2020 year.  When renewing or rejoining, we encourage you to both complete the membership form at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfVSlogUvubtPP6VzOumqOPdbcr8csfvXXm160DFDyhlZ1ldg/viewform and pay using Paypal at http://www.clanmacneilincanada.ca/about/membership/ . We will notify you once we have received the completed membership application / renewal.
I have been, and will continue to be, the genealogist for Clan MacNeil in Canada.  I have sent many of you ancestral charts already or have answered questions you may have about your ancestry.  For those of you whose ancestry I have in my database, I can send you charts almost immediately.  When requesting genealogical information, please let me know your membership number. Now that I can track who has an active membership, I will make you a priority. 
We look forward to serving you during 2020!
Vince MacNeil
President of Clan MacNeil in Canada

President’s Message:

October 17, 2019

I am honoured to be the President and Genealogist of Clan MacNeil in Canada!!! I have been a member of our Clan association’s executive for almost twenty years during which I was also the editor of the Clan MacNeil Newsletter, now named A’ Charraig Dhubh.

Clan MacNeil in Canada is run by a group of dedicated volunteers and we are lucky to have a great executive in place! Our executive for 2019-2020 includes:

President: Vincent MacNeil

Past President: Alene M. McNeill

1st Vice-President: Terry Myles

2nd Vice-President: Rod MacNeill

Secretary: Trish MacNeil

Treasurer: Allan McNeil

Chaplain: Fr. Paul MacNeil

Genealogist: Vincent MacNeil

Web Master: Suzanne McNeill

Delegate to CASSOC: Terry Myles

Clan Bard: Iain MacNeill

Members at Large: Kim McNeil, Robyn MacNeill, Sandra Holdsworth

We look forward to serving you!


Vince MacNeil


October 29, 2020

Congratulations to Clan MacNeil in Canada’s Executive for 2020-2021!!!

President – Vince MacNeil, Nova Scotia
Vice President – Terry Myles, Ontario
Past President – Alene McNeill, Ontario
Treasurer – Allan McNeil, Ontario
Secretary – Debby Stevenson, Nova Scotia
Director – Suzanne McNeill, Ontario (Website)
Director – Margaret Ransome, Ontario (Newsletter Editor)
Director – Sandra Holdsworth, Ontario (Memberships)
Director – Wayne MacDonald, Quebec