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Clan MacNeil in Canada Genealogy

If you have roots in Barra and / or Nova Scotia our genealogist Vince MacNeil may be able to help you with your search.  He has extensively researched the MacNeils of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and has access to the Barra Parish Register (1805 – 1851).  Vince has also collected a fair amount of information concerning MacNeils who settled on the mainland of Nova Scotia.  Vince can be reached by e-mail at genealogy@clanmacneilincanada.ca

Science is Helping to Answer Questions About the Origins of the Clan MacNeil

Clan MacNeil has an exciting new project at Family Tree DNA.  This project is receiving international support with MacNeils of varied origins and from different countries around the world participating.  Project results thus far are exciting and it is now clear that the Clan MacNeil is comprised of a genetically diverse group of individuals.

A major focus of the project is to gain an understanding of the genetic make-up of the people of Barra and to compare these results with MacNeils who hail from other parts of Scotland and Ireland.  DNA is helping MacNeils connect with long lost cousins. Early test results indicate that MacNeils are generally of Norse-Viking descent or are of Celtic origin.

Vince MacNeil, Clan MacNeil in Canada genealogist, is co-administrator of this exciting project. Here are a few words from him:

I am the genealogist for Clan MacNeil in Canada, the newsletter editor and I run several Facebook Groups including Clan MacNeil in Canada (1200 members) and Clan MacNeil of Barra (2700 members).  In addition to four newsletters per year and a membership card, I have been offering new members ancestral charts showing individual’s their MacNeil ancestry with themselves as the root person if I have that information. I can easily email these charts but am unable to print them and send them due to their size. 

I have an extensive genealogical database consisting of over 116,000 people. I follow the MacNeils of Barra wherever they moved to in the world and have extensive records for Barra MacNeils with roots in eastern Canada.  I have researched all of the MacNeil families in Nova Scotia and of Barra, Scotland.  I am will to assist any Clan MacNeil members with their ancestry, provided they are official members of our organization.

Vince MacNeil

Newsletter Editor and Genealogist

For more information on this project visit the site here.