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Please find above the Clan MacNeil merchandise we have available to purchase. You can pay via paypal on this page, or via the order form at the bottom. Or to avoid shipping buy directly at the Highland Games! NOTE:   Shipping costs for orders within Canada are included in the online price. Note that any international orders will incur additional cost. If you wish to send a cheque, see address in the merchandise form below.

 T-shirt for CMIC members $22

size :

T-shirt for non-CMIC members $28 

size :
CMIC motto crest $24
CMIC maple leaf Crest $24 
The Clan MacNeil Book $38
Castle In the Sea book $38
Set of 2 books $62 
Clan MacNeil baseball hat $22 
Lapel pin $8 
Cookbook $10 
Tartan flowers $6 
Tartan cutlery mitts with MacNeil crest, set of 4, $9 
Bookmark $6 
Angel christmas decoration $6 
Napkin holder set of 4, $6 

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