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Past Chiefs of Barra

38th Chief: Robert Dhu, Baron of Barra. Married to Isabelle MacLeod. Died 1715

39th Chief: Roderick  ‘Dove of the West’ Married to Alice MacLeod. Died 1736

40th Chief: Roderick “The Gentile” Married Jean Cameron. Died 1822

41st Chief: Roderick “The General” Baron of Barra, lost the Barony and the  Estate of Barra in 1838. Married to  Isabella  Brownlow. Died 1863 (when the Chief died, the chieftainship passed to a cousin, descendant of Gilleionan, who had emigrated to Canada in 1802)

42nd Chief: Donald McGougan MacNeil, Baron of Barra. Died 1880

43rd Chief: Ian MacNeil, Baron of Barra. Died 1893

44th Chief: Roderick Ambrose MacNeil, Baron of Barra. Bequeathed the title of chief upon a second son Robert Lister. Died 1914

45th Chief:  Robert Lister MacNeil, Baron of Barra, an American who bought the Barra Estate in 1937 and restored the Castle. Died 1970

46th Chief: Ian Roderick MacNeil, Baron of Barra. Born in the USA, he was a Harvard educated Professor of Law. He gifted Kisimul Castle to Historic Scotland for 1000 years in 2001, and gifted the Estate of Barra to the Scottish Ministers in 2004. Married Nancy Wilson of Ottawa, Canada. Died 2010.